Introducing KW|AG’s new activity guide

It’s here! If you attended last week’s Family Sunday you may have had a sneak peak of KW|AG’s new activity guide. Packed with self-guided activities created specifically for our current exhibitions, there is much to see, do and explore for all ages.  The activity guide (and admission to KW|AG) is free and is available in the Gallery lobby. Look for the activity guide sign on the wall on your right, just after the front desk, or ask us for a copy.

Check out our current exhibitions, see our family programs and plan your visit. See you soon!

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Kate’s Artlab – an ocean of colour

Kate Carder-Thompson

Kate Carder-Thompson

Artlab at KW|AG begins next Saturday!

In our first class we’re going to experiment with special coloured pencils, learning how to mix and blend layers of colour.  Our inspiration will come from ocean creatures; by the end of class we’ll have some gorgeous, full colour drawings of fish, coral, and who knows what else!

~Kate Carder-Thompson

Kate, in addition to being a KW|AG educator is also an artist. Here’s a snapshot of what she is working on right now.

“I have just started working on a new series of mixed media illustrations.  For now I’m referring to them as lambs, but that might change as I go.  I typically begin with a watercolour sketch on black Stonehenge paper, using a photograph for accuracy, and then work in layers of pencil and more watercolour washes.  The illustrations are teeny tiny, only about 6 cm by 9 cm.  I’m loving the challenge of working so small – it forces me to consider only the most important elements in the image and to be very intentional about every brushstroke.”

To learn more about Artlab (ages 6-8yrs and 9-12yrs) and Kate, check out the KW|AG Classes website.

Kate leading a shadow puppet session at KW|AG's Summer Art

Kate leading a shadow puppet session at KW|AG's Summer Art

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Fall Class Registration Now Open

From the 3,000 year old practice of Encaustic Art to Visual Journaling, kw|ag has exciting fall programs for all ages in reoccurring class or one time workshop formats.

Registration is now available online, by phone or in person. Stay tuned for interviews with our fall instructors, how to’s and in depth exploration of this fall’s programming themes.

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Summer Art Week Six

by Lauren Seifried

Our final week of Summer Art is here and we could not have asked for a better bunch of artists! The creativity and imagination that all these kids have is amazing. It’s really great to see some returning faces in the mix; it’s definitely a good sign that our program is enjoyable!

It is our final week of the Sculpture class and Kate and Karoline have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

Kate started off the week with habitat building using foam core and wire and finished it off with natural materials. The artists experimented with papier mache by creating awesome masks that they painted later on in the week. Another awesome project was another form of mask made from masking tape. They created the forms of the face, like eyebrows and noses, from newsprint, covered with masking tape and then coloured over using markers!

Karoline has also had an awesome line up of projects for our older kids in the upstairs studio. She revisited photosensitive paper and the artists learned some cool facts about photography and camera techniques. She also had the artists making awesome plaster sculptures both in the round and relief, they were amazing! The final products are always so awesome; especially when you watch the artists work so hard!

The wonderful art show is quickly approaching as our last week draws to a close, and I’m sure our Summer Art program will finish in style.

week 6

week 6

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Summer Art Week Five

by Lauren Siefried

Even though it was short, this week of Summer Art has been outstanding. It was our final week of our Painting and Drawing workshop and once again we have been blown away by some of the artists.

In the younger class, we experimented with paint mixing, different textures like sting painting and we learned about using multiple mediums in our works of art. The artists experimented with caricatures by turning themselves into cartoon fruit as well as making some wild and fierce shoe animals.

With our older artists, we learned basic perspective drawing techniques as well as learning about and experimenting with logo design. The artists learned how to look at objects from multiple angles and how different colours affect the way we see each object.

Another awesome experience for our artists is the art show! Parents and friends alike came to view our wonderful show and enjoyed every creation that was made here at KW|AG.

Summer Art is quickly coming to a close, but there’s still one more week and hopefully we’ve saved the best for last!


Week 5 Paintings

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Summer Art Week Three

By Lauren Siefried

We’re half way through our Summer Art Camp here at KW|AG, but it seems that each week our new artists come up with bigger and better creations!

Drawing and painting will never get boring because our campers continue to create amazing works and it definitely seems like their imaginations never rest.

We’re starting the week off with an introduction to drawing with Karoline and our younger group, exploring different ways we can achieve texture and pattern using different lines. Steve and our older artists explored the effects of interesting designs on tracing paper, and then they collaged them together onto illustration board creating a very interesting effect.

The week is definitely off to a good start, and there will be much more amazing artwork to come.

Drawing and Painting

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Mashing paper

Week 2 Day 5: Papier Mache

Paper Mache

Summer Art Mache

An awesome project this week for our 7-9 Summer Artists was papier mache animals! Kate’s bunny example set the stage for an awesome assortment of woodland creatures from the imaginations of our Summer Artists. From snakes to pigs, there was a lot of variety in the class. The artists had a blast with the papier mache, and the mess was huge—but the outcome is definitely worth it! After creating an armature, each artist then did two layers of papier mache first with magazines and then with newsprint. After setting the sculptures to dry completely, they’ll be painted with acrylic paints. An awesome project Kate, it was a tonne of fun!

Paper Mache 2

Finished paper mache project

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